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The past is gone. The now is all I see. The future is a mystery.


Listening to the calm while enjoying the beauty

The Way


Holy Cross College is a four year liberal arts program founded by and rooted in the tradition of the Congregation of Holy Cross. To visit their website, please follow this link.

All are welcome to My Humble Home

Hello everyone. Thanks for taking time to discover my world. My Name is Lillian Nyakaisiki, C.S.C. I am a Sister of the Holy Cross. I am a Ugandan, Mutooro by tribe. My past is defined by the family into which I was born, a family of twelve. I am the sixth born. My two sisters and one brother have since gone to their resting place. This leaves nine of us; the youngest is eleven years old. When I look back at my large family and where I have come from, I thank God. The things I used to count as losses, I now see as gains. As young kids we were taught and encouraged to share. This did not come easily, as each of us wanted to own and possess something. Through the re-enforcement of our parents, sharing became a habit. They taught me to share anything I own without holding back. However, sharing all things has its consequences and sometimes costs a big price.

My siblings and I were put in missionary schools for our grade school education. The Sisters of St Theresa of the Child Jesus were in charge. I used to look at them and admire the way they lived and worked. They were very simple and humble. I always looked forward to seeing their white habits.  Whenever I went home, I asked my mother many questions. Why did she not wear a habit and why did we not go to serve at the altar? The whys were so many that my mother asked me to ask the sisters themselves! I asked one of the sisters who told me that they were different because they had dedicated their lives to the service of God. They relied on God's providence.  I told her that I wanted to be like her. She promised to pray for me and asked me also to pray and to concentrate on my studies. I kept my hope of being like her alive. I would say that my desire to become a sister was very clear and evident during my grade school. I never looked back. My hope of becoming a sister began to shape my present.

When I was about to graduate from college, I was still sure that I wanted was to be a nun. I   finished college in nursing. Right away I applied to become a sister in different congregations.  I visited different convents, but what made me choose Holy Cross was their family style of community and their sense of hospitality.  It was clear to me that I wanted to become a Sister of the Holy Cross. This choice shaped my future. My desire to share had consequences.

As a nurse I have been exposed to different areas within the medical field. My experience has not come easily. I rejoice in my work as a nurse because it is through service to those who are suffering and to those in need that we see our own vulnerability being reflected in others. Working with the less advantaged people in Uganda, Kenya, and the U.S.A. has taught me humility and always to be open to service wherever I find myself. That desire shapes my present life. My wish for my future is that service will continue to be at the heart of my vocation. The forms that service may take are part of my mysterious relationship with God and the community of sisters and the people of God.

 You are invited to attend my capstone presentation. This will be held on April 18th at 4:00 p.m. in Holy Cross College's Pfeil Center Conference Room

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